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Most mainstream coverage of transgender topics is largely inadequate – presenting only shallow oversimplifications, produced by cis (non-trans) people, for cis people. Transness is more complex, and far more interesting, than anything you’ll hear from the usual news stories and documentaries. Gender Analysis, published 1-3 times a month on YouTube, offers a deeper look at life as a trans person, incorporating historical and contemporary research and personal experiences.


Gender Analysis is funded by viewer pledges via Patreon, which support further development of the show. If you’d like to donate, you can pledge any amount per episode on Patreon. To view full episodes of Gender Analysis, just visit the official playlist. Beneath transgender tropes and stereotypes, beyond faux controversies and debates, there’s a real world of trans lives to explore. We’d like to give everyone, both trans and cis, a window into that.

About Zinnia Jones

My work focuses on insights to be found across transgender sociology, public health, psychiatry, history of medicine, cognitive science, the social processes of science, transgender feminism, and human rights, taking an analytic approach that intersects these many perspectives and is guided by the lived experiences of transgender people. I live in Orlando with my family, and work mainly in technical writing.
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