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Transgender youth fact check: Blaire White is wrong – Part 1: Fundamentals

So, someone by the name of Blaire White made a video about gender transition treatment for transgender children and adolescents. And I’m going to fact check it!   How puberty blockers work “And of course, it begs the question of transgender … Continue reading

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Gender basics: How sex hormones work, and their use by trans people

Previously: 3 years of HRT, and 8 things I’ve learned Over the past several years, I’ve heard countless comments which reveal a surprising unawareness of some basic facts of the human endocrine system. In particular, it’s clear that many people … Continue reading

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0.3% is not 0.03%: representations of transgender frequencies in online publications (Gender Analysis 21)

In 2011, the Williams Institute at UCLA published an estimate of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population of the United States. Reviewing various surveys and studies, the report estimated that about 0.3% of adults in the U.S. are trans. Since … Continue reading

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Alice Dreger, autogynephilia, and the misrepresentation of trans sexualities (Book review: Galileo’s Middle Finger)

Book review: Galileo’s Middle Finger, by Alice Dreger Table of contents Introduction 1. Background: Blanchard’s sexual typology of trans women 2. Dreger neglects relevant issues faced by trans women 3. Social and cultural factors do not account for the clinical … Continue reading

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How to find therapists and doctors for trans HRT (Gender Analysis 16)

(Support Gender Analysis on Patreon!) I am not a medical professional. One of the most common questions I get is: How do you find therapists and doctors who work with transgender clients and prescribe hormones? Although not every trans person … Continue reading

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