Trans toy reviews: the Magic Wand Rechargeable, at Hey Epiphora

While I’ve previously covered transgender sexuality from a mostly academic perspective, I haven’t spent much time on firsthand experiences of sex as a trans woman throughout transition. Hormone therapy has had an extensive range of effects on my sexual response, and even though I haven’t had genital surgery, sex is hardly anything like it was before I started estrogen. It’s been an overwhelmingly positive change, but making it there meant relearning a great deal about how my body works.

One of the most helpful things I’ve found throughout this process is the Hitachi Magic Wand, a vibrator that’s legendary among both cis and trans women for its efficacy and sheer power. I bought my first one on the recommendation of other trans women, and it turns out this was exactly what I needed when navigating the vastly more complex and enhanced field of sensations that came with HRT. Hey Epiphora, one of the best sex toy review sites out there, offered to send me the new Rechargeable Magic Wand (provided by SheVibe) to review – and it was amazing.

Hitting just the right spot was difficult at first because my clit would often slip around, but underwear really helped with holding it in place — and gently dampened the vibrations. A towel or blanket was even better for spreading it out into a less concentrated area, and for women who experience dysphoria with their original genitals, this may help provide some distance.

I learned I had to work my way up, varying how firmly I pressed it to my body, slowly building up until I was right there. When I finally got to that point, my orgasm felt something like the plunge of a rollercoaster — the twitching and trembling across my entire body left me struggling to catch my breath. The wave of sensation was so crashingly forceful, there were times when it was actually a little scary to bring myself over that edge.

You can read the rest of the review at Hey Epiphora (Heather and Penny make an appearance as well!) Most discussions of trans people’s sexualities unfortunately offer little in the way of useful advice for trans people who are looking to learn what works best for them, and I’m hoping that this information can prove helpful to others during transition. I definitely recommend the Magic Wand.

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My work focuses on insights to be found across transgender sociology, public health, psychiatry, history of medicine, cognitive science, the social processes of science, transgender feminism, and human rights, taking an analytic approach that intersects these many perspectives and is guided by the lived experiences of transgender people. I live in Orlando with my family, and work mainly in technical writing.
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