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Entitled to Sex? Says Who?

by Penny Robo A spectacularly widespread claim is that of the aggressive trans woman demanding sex, lest the demandee be slapped with the label of “transphobic”. When radical feminists parade this narrative, it’s presented as evidence of an inherent and … Continue reading

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I Tried Detransition and Didn’t Like It

UnnHappy, sad, mad, Unnspeakable blue red Unnsunshining and hot and cool and red hot and ice cold — Nicole Maines, age seven Detransitioning – undergoing a social or medical gender transition, and later choosing to reverse this – is a … Continue reading

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Rejecting Your Own Progress? Why People Fight Their Own Cause

by Penny Robo Throughout our history, it seems that any social changes have been met with resistance. And I do mean any change. Really, who hasn’t personally experienced being told that spending time on your phone is a symptom of … Continue reading

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Her App and His Intrusion

by Penny Robo A bit of a ruckus was caused recently during a takeover of dating app “Her”. For the uninitiated, takeovers are a commonplace practice where a product or service’s social media presences are basically “hosted” by an outside … Continue reading

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The United Kingdom has a transphobia problem

by Heather McNamara In an attempt to better serve its transgender citizens, the UK government has recently proposed new guidance be considered in the Gender Recognition Act of 2004. Currently, a transgender person in the UK must prove they’ve been … Continue reading

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