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Most anti-transgender scientific claims are unsound

Critics of transition treatments, opponents of transgender identity, and other anti-trans advocates have often claimed that trans people and our supporters have failed to address scientific findings that call into question the gender-affirmative approach. Ryan T. Anderson, a homophobic researcher … Continue reading

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Book review: “Being Jazz” by Jazz Jennings

by Heather McNamara Being Jazz By Jazz Jennings (and also probably a ghost writer) Overall: 3/5 Trans narrative: 5/5 Being Jazz is a memoir by Jazz Jennings who’s been a transgender activist almost as long as she’s been alive. She … Continue reading

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A new plastic surgery technique for hip widening

While feminizing hormone therapy can produce extensive visible changes for trans women, one aspect of the body that remains largely unchanged is the skeletal structure. Trans women who were not treated with puberty blockers in adolescence generally lack options when … Continue reading

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“Rapid onset gender dysphoria”: What a hoax diagnosis looks like

Previously: Fresh trans myths of 2017: “rapid onset gender dysphoria” The concept of “rapid onset gender dysphoria” was proposed in July of 2016 by a trio of blogs with a history of overtly transphobic perspectives that are at odds with … Continue reading

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