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New clinical findings from Dr. Will Powers: Role of estradiol/estrone ratio in the efficacy of feminizing HRT

(Epistemic status: Extremely tentative.) Dr. Will Powers, an HRT provider in Michigan who has possibly the coolest name ever, has recently posted a slideshow outlining findings from his practice on the most effective approaches to feminizing hormone therapy for trans … Continue reading

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A new critical analysis of desistance research

Newhook et al. (2018) have recently published a review in the International Journal of Transgenderism of the state of the research on “desistance”, the finding that a possible majority of children diagnosed with gender dysphoria will no longer be dysphoric … Continue reading

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What Michael Laidlaw gets wrong about transgender youth

This month, endocrinologist Michael Laidlaw posted a lengthy review of the book I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel and trans teenager Jazz Jennings at the Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse blog, alleging that the book includes “a number of factual accuracies … Continue reading

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Born dead: Learning how to live after depersonalization

  Neo: Why do my eyes hurt? Morpheus: You’ve never used them before. From my earliest memories until starting HRT at age 23, I suffered severe depersonalization, a chronic and distressing syndrome of perceived detachment from your self, your emotions, … Continue reading

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Book review: “Crash Override” by Zoë Quinn

by Heather McNamara Crash Override Overall: 4/5 Trans narrative: N/A Crash Override is going to be a different kind of book than the previous works I’ve reviewed for Gender Analysis. While Zoe Quinn is out and proud nonbinary, this book … Continue reading

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