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Effectiveness of vaginoplasty for trans women confirmed once again in new study

Vaginoplasty for trans women, the surgical construction of a vagina and labia from penile and scrotal tissue, is a highly effective treatment for gender dysphoria. For decades, numerous large studies have found that vaginoplasty is associated with a significant reduction … Continue reading

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Am I a Satanist? Are you? How Satanism is empowering the trans community

Am I, Zinnia Jones, a Satanist? Here’s some rather interesting commentary on this subject that I found while browsing Tumblr: I was somewhat surprised to discover Zinnia Jones is not really an atheist but has a satanist tattoo (why?) . … Continue reading

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Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling: When everything is a “sincere religious belief”

Last week’s Supreme Court ruling in favor of a homophobic Christian baker who refused to sell wedding cakes to same-sex couples is very disappointing, and not for the reasons you might think. This wasn’t a catastrophic blow against the LGBT … Continue reading

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Nifty finds: Super-fast-acting hormone blockers used in Sweden

GnRH agonists are a class of drugs sometimes used as part of medical transition for trans people in order to block the sex hormones produced by their own bodies (Hembree et al., 2017). These are long-acting medications, typically given as … Continue reading

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Is the “rapid onset gender dysphoria” hoax designed to misdiagnose trans kids?

One of the biggest pitfalls in the research on persistence and desistence of gender dysphoria in youth has been the shortcomings of DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for the condition, which were overly broad and resulted in studies wrongly including children who … Continue reading

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