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How the WSJ handles the inconvenient facts of “rapid onset gender dysphoria”

Previously: Rapid onset gender dysphoria study misunderstands trans depersonalization Meet the unbiased parents behind the rapid onset gender dysphoria study I was recently consulted on an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the dispute over Lisa Littman’s study of … Continue reading

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My letter to the Brown Daily Herald on “rapid onset gender dysphoria”, and Lisa Littman’s response

Previously: “Rapid onset gender dysphoria” study misunderstands trans depersonalization This weekend, I wrote in to the Brown Daily Herald on the controversy over a recent study on “rapid onset gender dysphoria” by Brown assistant professor Lisa Littman: I am writing … Continue reading

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SHOWDOWN: Chuck Tingle vs. Laci Green

By Heather McNamara Did you SEE what happened on Twitter? If not then honestly I envy you. It’s a terrible place. We gather there to stress out about what the orange tyrant says, criticize hollywood for being sexist and racist, … Continue reading

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Y’all know comorbidity is a thing, right?

By Penny Robo One of the most frustrating arguments to encounter when witnessing discussions involving gender-crits on whether or not a person is “really trans” is the invocation of other conditions the person has as a catch-all explanation. “You’re not … Continue reading

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A Lesser Worn Path

By Penny Robo Realizing that you’re trans comes with the additional realization that the path your life is to take is not as well-worn as what most find themselves on. Fewer feet have tamped down the earth and tamed the … Continue reading

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