The partisan double standard: Democrats are accused too — Republicans are just worse

by Penny Robo

Penny Robo

Through the rampant coverage over the allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, a particular talking point has risen to the surface, not necessarily from the people actually in charge (who may have to directly respond to the concept) but most definitely spouted by their supporters. Look at Twitter, at news article comments, and you’ll see it again and again: Democrats only care about sexual assault when they can weaponize it against political opponents.

The logic of it, when not leaning on decades-old Clinton controversies, hinges on the perceived discrepancy between how the two parties have been affected by such allegations. And to a limited degree it makes sense. Numerous conservatives have had campaigns and nominations derailed by accusations of sexual misconduct, and to someone rooting for their team to win it only makes sense to witness these “trials by popular opinion” and come out the other side thinking they’ve gotten an unfair deal.

But is that what’s happening? Consider that the entire #MeToo movement was jumpstarted by the fall of one of the most prominent faces of “liberal Hollywood”, and major democratic donor, Harvey Weinstein. And when you get into actual politicians, the story only solidifies: of the 20 sexual scandals to rock US politics in the last 8 years, 5 have been perpetrated by Democrats while 15 have been by Republicans, and beyond that 3:1 ratio you also have to look into how they were responded to, namely that every accused Democrat resigned while only a third of the Republican politicians took that route, with most opting to remain in office or simply not run for re-election.

It doesn’t take much analysis to see that a major issue here is how outnumbered the right is when it comes to committing (or at least being accused of) sexual assault. The party of Father Knows Best ferments and encourages and is seemingly inalienable from unbalanced power dynamics between men and women. The fulcrum is carefully guarded and the expectation of continued maintenance looks to lead to toward wanton abuse, acts without fear of repercussion, behavior based wholly in personal gain or pleasure, where the only concern for righteousness lies not in behaving like a good person but simply the successful continuance of the facade of such.

So it turns out there is a difference between how claims of sexual assault are handled between the parties: Democrats hold their own accountable and boot them, while Republicans have an excellent chance to getting unwavering Presidential support. That Dems have to hold their conservative kin’s feet to the fire says a helluva lot more about Republicans than it does about anyone else.

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