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Missouri Supreme Court Makes Sense for Once

By Penny Robo In 2014, the family of RJ Appleberry filed a lawsuit claiming sex discrimination against Missouri’s Blue Springs School District. It went to the Court of Appeals after being dismissed by a circuit judge in Jackson County, and … Continue reading

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Study: Moral beliefs about gender are linked to personal perceptions of trans attractiveness

Other individuals’ perception of a person as a given gender – that is, reading and interpreting them as being female or male – is a subjective phenomenon, with these processes and results varying among perceivers due to numerous factors such … Continue reading

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Machine Bodies, Human Hearts

By Penny Robo I noticed early on in my life that when I consumed narrative media, the easiest way to tug at my heartstrings was to introduce a machine character and then prove that their synthetic nature made them no … Continue reading

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Integrating breast cancer screening with transmasculine chest reconstruction surgery

Breast cancer can occur in both cis women and cis men, and breast health is equally crucial for trans women, who will experience growth of breast tissue during feminizing hormone therapy, and trans men. Biannual mammograms are recommended for trans … Continue reading

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Helen Houghton is a Shitty Person(TM)

By Penny Robo In New Zealand, a petition aimed at removing “learning intentions for teaching gender diversity in the sexuality education guide” in schools has managed to gather more than 35,000 signatures to date. Introduced on January 29th by one … Continue reading

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