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Yes, the shirt is real

By Penny Robo The Trump Administration has gone full bore on anti-LGBT initiatives, and trans people are feeling the bulk of it. Beyond the recent installation of a new version of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” that specifically targets trans members … Continue reading

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New data on measures of bone health in trans people taking hormone therapy

If you’ve spent just about any time being exposed to what the general public believes about transgender medicine, you’ve likely had the misfortune of encountering the belief that cross-sex hormone therapy is harmful or deadly to us in several respects. … Continue reading

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A closer look at trajectories of childhood social gender transitions

I’ve previously covered certain popular misuses of figures on the proportion of gender-dysphoric children whose dysphoria desists or persists into adolescence following the onset of puberty. While the figure, commonly repeated as an 80% rate of desistance, is actually subject … Continue reading

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Boston Children’s Hospital establishes a framework for gender-affirming surgeries on minors

Throughout the past decade, there’s been no shortage of popular alarmism surrounding the spectre of “children being given sex changes” – a misconception borne of either incidental or deliberately cultivated ignorance about what transition entails at various ages, suggesting the … Continue reading

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