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Why anti-trans parents’ testimonies are unreliable as evidence: a response to Jay Keck and the Kelsey Coalition

A recent opinion piece in USA TODAY by parent Jay Keck of the anti-trans Kelsey Coalition offers a disturbing picture of how trans-rejecting family members rationalize their refusal to recognize trans youth’s identities. Keck, whose trans son is already misgendered … Continue reading

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The burden of representation

By Penny Robo For all the wrong reasons, certain someones have made the news recently and I can’t help but dread what’s going to be waiting for us around the corner because of them. Minorities and other marginalized people have … Continue reading

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Minnesota Mom is Just… Terrible. Really Awful.

By Penny Robo Already self-sufficient for years due to parents dealing with substance abuse issues, 13 year old “EJK” came out to her parents as gay, triggering a wave of verbal and physical abuse. Her mother permitted her to live … Continue reading

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North Carolina takes another step in walking back their “bathroom bill”

By Penny Robo North Carolina no longer requiring trans people to amend birth certificates to use public restrooms matching identity. 2016’s HB2 , North Carolina’s infamous “bathroom bill,” was far from a success. A mass (and very public) exodus of … Continue reading

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Should elderly trans women continue taking HRT?

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice. One question frequently asked by trans women pertains to whether they will continue to take cross-sex hormones throughout their lifetime, or whether this will be tapered off … Continue reading

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