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The Rule of Mattress-Eaters: Media sensationalism is different for trans people – but it shouldn’t be

Stefonknee Wolscht, a Canadian trans woman who “takes on the persona of a little girl” as part of “reverting to a childhood she finds comfort in”, has been subject to an extraordinary degree of negative media and public attention for … Continue reading

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Transphobic and homophobic attitudes are so highly correlated they might be the same thing

Within the baseless anti-trans claim that gender-affirming care for trans youth constitutes a form of anti-gay “conversion therapy” applied to these children, one key component is the assertion that their parents would prefer to have a child who isn’t attracted … Continue reading

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Trans women may face a higher risk of breast augmentation complications compared to cis women

Breast augmentation is a common gender-affirming surgery sought by transgender women and transfeminine people. Even with feminizing HRT, trans women typically do not experience the same degree of breast growth as cisgender women (Reisman, Goldstein, & Safer, 2019), and studies … Continue reading

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