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Even more data confirms: Trans people’s awareness of their gender long precedes disclosure to others

Last month, I looked at the findings of Restar et al. (2019) in Transgender Health, which examined the developmental trajectories and milestones of trans women aged 16 to 29 and found that their own awareness of their identity as women … Continue reading

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How soon can AFAB trans adolescents expect physical changes from testosterone?

As of this month, it’s been seven years since I started HRT, and I can still recall the excitement, anticipation, and impatience of waiting for the first physical results to appear. (It turned out to be 10 days after starting, … Continue reading

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Contra “ROGD”: A recent cohort of youth evaluated at Amsterdam’s gender clinic does not have less intense gender dysphoria or greater psychological issues

Attempts to legitimize the lay anti-trans narrative-slash-conspiracy theory of “rapid onset gender dysphoria” as a genuine health condition are risky business, as specifying particular features of an alleged new clinical phenomenon places it in the dangerous realm of that which … Continue reading

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