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Quelle horreur? Parents of trans kids attending gender clinics are overwhelmingly… satisfied!

Media coverage of transgender children, adolescents, and young adults can at times tend toward giving undue credence to parents who do not accept their trans child or who believe their child’s transness to be inauthentic. In many cases these stories … Continue reading

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For the Daily Mail, one anecdote defeats mountains of data

The Daily Mail’s overt hostility toward trans people, and LGBT people broadly, is nothing new. From opposing efforts against anti-trans bullying in schools, to claiming falsely that a convicted murderer is a trans woman, to attacking two gay men for … Continue reading

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New study on fertility treatment for trans men: Prior testosterone use does not affect ovarian stimulation outcomes

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice. There’s an abundance of misinformation among the public regarding cross-sex hormone therapy’s effects on fertility: many people seem to believe that taking HRT, even if later discontinued, … Continue reading

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