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Quantifying testosterone’s suppression of estrogen levels in trans men

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice. While trans women on HRT typically require testosterone blockers in addition to estrogen to reduce testosterone to the desired levels and produce effective feminization, trans men generally … Continue reading

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Another look at androgen receptor gene variants in trans women

Gender identity, including in trans people, appears to have a physical basis and a biological underpinning, and the Endocrine Society has stated that numerous features suggest trans people’s genders are a matter of likely prenatal development: Such evidence stems from … Continue reading

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The diverse range of hair transplantation options for trans people

Note: Some images depict small amounts of blood. Hair is an item of significant concern for trans people during transition: hair, its style, and its presence or absence in various areas can be a factor both in one’s experience of … Continue reading

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New study examines HRT’s effects on sexual desire in trans people

One of the most unexpected changes experienced by trans people after starting HRT can be its wide-ranging and sometimes drastic effects on almost every aspect of our sexuality. Psychologically, achieving a better alignment with your own self often seems to … Continue reading

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How much does testosterone deepen voice pitch for trans men?

The effects of sex hormones on the vocal cords are a one-way process: male-typical levels of testosterone, whether from natal puberty in those assigned male or from the administration of testosterone in trans men, produces growth and thickening of the … Continue reading

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