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How likely are trans women to seek breast augmentation?

Feminizing hormone therapy induces the growth of breast tissue in trans women and transfeminine people, and this tissue is essentially identical anatomically and histologically to the breasts of cis women (Phillips et al., 2014). Although final breast size can be … Continue reading

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How long have you known you’re trans? Additional findings on gender identity development

The process of coming to self-awareness of our gender and putting a name to our identity takes a different course for every trans person, and it’s rarely a simple matter. Realizing that you’re feeling something in the first place, noticing … Continue reading

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Why gender-questioning youth continue or discontinue puberty blockers

Puberty-blocking medications for trans or gender-questioning adolescents, which reversibly halt the production of sex hormones and prevent the development of undesired secondary sex characteristics for as long as the medication is continued, have long been the subject of unnecessary controversy … Continue reading

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Fact check: Spironolactone and COVID-19

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice. Our understanding of the pandemic is evolving rapidly; this information may be superseded by later and more conclusive findings. This article was last updated on March 31, … Continue reading

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