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The classic Utrecht Gender Dysphoria Scale gets a nonbinary-inclusive update

“Am I transgender?” This is a question that all trans people have faced at some point, or at many points, becoming the focus of self-reflection and personal exploration however brief or protracted. Among the community, this line of inquiry has … Continue reading

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Update on ovarian stimulation after testosterone use: Successful fertility preservation with less than a month’s interruption of HRT

Contrary to widespread misconceptions, medical transitioning does not necessarily produce sterility in trans people. Provided that a trans person hasn’t undergone gender-affirming surgeries that involve the removal of the ovaries or testes, even the use of cross-sex hormone therapy that … Continue reading

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“Biological sex”, empirical backfire: How transphobes gambled on COVID-19 – and lost

As the pandemic coronavirus has spread around the globe, the growing numbers of infections have revealed a surprising pattern: from China to Italy to the United States, men are more likely than women to contract the virus. And among those … Continue reading

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