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What is natural? An indictment of the vitalist resurgence

by Heather McNamara Our globe is warming. Polar ice caps steadily drip into the ocean and wash up on the shores of Miami. Beijing’s air quality is so poor that its non-smoking citizens develop lung cancer at nearly the same … Continue reading

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What Michael Laidlaw gets wrong about transgender youth

This month, endocrinologist Michael Laidlaw posted a lengthy review of the book I Am Jazz by Jessica Herthel and trans teenager Jazz Jennings at the Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse blog, alleging that the book includes “a number of factual accuracies … Continue reading

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Pervasive misrepresentation of twin evidence for a genetic component of gender dysphoria

Major voices in the contemporary anti-trans movement, including American College of Pediatricians president Dr. Michelle Cretella and Heritage Foundation research fellow Ryan T. Anderson, have recently put forth questionable claims about studies of gender dysphoria in twins. Last year, Michelle … Continue reading

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Texas teacher placed on leave for talking about her wife

From Newsweek: An elementary school teacher in Texas was suspended after she allegedly spoke about her sexual orientation with her students, officials said Tuesday. Charlotte Anderson Elementary art teacher Stacy Bailey, 31, was suspended with pay in September. Officials with … Continue reading

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Entitled to Sex? Says Who?

by Penny Robo A spectacularly widespread claim is that of the aggressive trans woman demanding sex, lest the demandee be slapped with the label of “transphobic”. When radical feminists parade this narrative, it’s presented as evidence of an inherent and … Continue reading

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