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“Biology is not bigotry”: Why “biology” is often bigotry

“Biology is not bigotry” has, to the surprise of no one, become a frequent rallying cry of those who express bigotry against trans people – from conservative Christians to feminist-identified radicals, and those forging an anti-trans alliance between them. It’s … Continue reading

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Revisiting “being trans is a mental disorder”: Map and territory in ICD-11

The last time I addressed the faulty argument of “being trans is a mental disorder – it’s in the DSM” – a belief still held by more than 20% of Americans – I noted that such a labeling does not actually … Continue reading

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What is natural? An indictment of the vitalist resurgence

by Heather McNamara Our globe is warming. Polar ice caps steadily drip into the ocean and wash up on the shores of Miami. Beijing’s air quality is so poor that its non-smoking citizens develop lung cancer at nearly the same … Continue reading

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Medical professionals increasingly agree: Trans women are female, trans men are male

Previously: Trans women aren’t “male” Sex chromosomes: Cis expectations, trans reality “Trans women are male” is one of the most well-worn attacks leveled against trans women – a straightforward assertion that gender-variant identity itself is not possible, and by extension … Continue reading

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Fractals, not pyramids: Why “8th grade biology” isn’t enough

Previously: Chromosomes: Cis expectations vs. trans reality, How sex hormones work, and their use by trans people In the years I’ve spent covering gender topics on YouTube, I’ve occasionally encountered one particularly strange objection to the core principle of transness, … Continue reading

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