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Gender Analysis is a web series launched in 2014 exploring transgender science and life experiences in depth, and revealing the many insights to be found at their intersection. We take a closer look at fields such as sociology, public health, psychiatry, cognitive science, and more, weaving these diverse perspectives into a deeper understanding of gender-related phenomena. Gender Analysis goes beyond the 101s to educate both trans and cis viewers on some of the most fascinating dimensions of our lives – and the pressing issues we face in society.

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Gender dysphoria Self-discovery
How hormones work Bathroom bills
Finding a doctor Treatments for trans youth
Passing Sexuality
Transness and autism Paul McHugh
Regret and detransition Sex chromosomes
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Missouri Supreme Court Makes Sense for Once

By Penny Robo

Penny RoboIn 2014, the family of RJ Appleberry filed a lawsuit claiming sex discrimination against Missouri’s Blue Springs School District. It went to the Court of Appeals after being dismissed by a circuit judge in Jackson County, and found its way to the Missouri Supreme Court where the dismissal was finally overturned in February of 2019. Five years later, the original lawsuit can finally proceed. Continue reading

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Study: Moral beliefs about gender are linked to personal perceptions of trans attractiveness

Zinnia JonesOther individuals’ perception of a person as a given gender – that is, reading and interpreting them as being female or male – is a subjective phenomenon, with these processes and results varying among perceivers due to numerous factors such as perceptual and cognitive biases and other influences. This greatly complicates the lay notions of the concept of “passing” as a cis person of one’s gender for trans people: this is not a yes-or-no binary trait, or a single fixed value somewhere along a range. It is a set of distributions, because the phenomenon of passing or not passing as it plays out in practice essentially consists of a very large number of scattered data points across many variables. Continue reading

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Machine Bodies, Human Hearts

By Penny Robo

Penny RoboI noticed early on in my life that when I consumed narrative media, the easiest way to tug at my heartstrings was to introduce a machine character and then prove that their synthetic nature made them no less a person.

Even the dodgiest of movies or shows could, without fail, get me to feel more than showing a regular everyday human going through the same event and it took me an embarrassingly long time to connect all those dots. You all know what I’m talking about: that one movie or genre or show or character that affected you in ways you couldn’t start to grasp, till one day you recognize that some part of yourself was reflected there all along. For a lot of trans women it’s The Little Mermaid. And while I’ll admit that I have never not loved that movie – it’s still tied for my favorite Disney Renaissance pic – for me it was always the machines. Continue reading

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Integrating breast cancer screening with transmasculine chest reconstruction surgery

Zinnia JonesBreast cancer can occur in both cis women and cis men, and breast health is equally crucial for trans women, who will experience growth of breast tissue during feminizing hormone therapy, and trans men. Biannual mammograms are recommended for trans women on HRT from age 50 onward, and trans women should be aware of their BRCA1/2 status and how this risk factor may come to bear on their hormonal regimen.

Van Renterghem et al. (2018) have recently identified an additional opportunity for breast cancer screening in trans men. Continue reading

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Helen Houghton is a Shitty Person(TM)

By Penny Robo

Penny RoboIn New Zealand, a petition aimed at removing “learning intentions for teaching gender diversity in the sexuality education guide” in schools has managed to gather more than 35,000 signatures to date. Introduced on January 29th by one Helen Houghton (who has thus far not responded to comment requests from multiple news agencies) the petition may well have zero effect as it has no official backing as of now.

But the stated reasoning behind the petition is telling about the source of their annoyance. Not as a improper allocation of limited schooling time, or rejecting it as being incompatible with their personal or spiritual beliefs (and likely the beliefs many of those affected) and thus framing the petition as an attempt to right a wrong, no. They decided to play it straight, play it cool… and completely shoot themselves in the foot. Let’s check this thing out: Continue reading

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