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Gender Analysis is a web series launched in 2014 exploring transgender science and life experiences in depth, and revealing the many insights to be found at their intersection. We take a closer look at fields such as sociology, public health, psychiatry, cognitive science, and more, weaving these diverse perspectives into a deeper understanding of gender-related phenomena. Gender Analysis goes beyond the 101s to educate both trans and cis viewers on some of the most fascinating dimensions of our lives – and the pressing issues we face in society.

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Gender dysphoria Self-discovery
How hormones work Bathroom bills
Finding a doctor Treatments for trans youth
Passing Sexuality
Transness and autism Paul McHugh
Regret and detransition Sex chromosomes
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Republicans Aren’t Counterculture; You’re Just Dicks

by Penny Robo

Young Republicans: You’re not counterculture, you’re just dicks.

When I saw the headline I was shocked. Being republican is counterculture? As I tried to wrap my head around this, I suddenly recalled another article from last year’s Pride Month, claiming that it’s easier to be gay than Republican.

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The Trans Agenda

by Penny Robo

With worrisome regularity, certain people seem to be under the impression that there’s a nefarious cadre working to further trans interests, a powerful and shadowy organization seeking to shut down radfems, traditionalists, and other “gender critical” fuckhats and the like. Continue reading

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It’s Going To Be Okay

by Penny Robo

It has been utterly exhausting existing in this constant state of low level panic, a state often interrupted only by moments of shock/disgust/terror/disbelief. Some have been in this state since Trump’s nomination, others since his win, yet more with every policy proposal or bafflingly braggadocious admittance of total ignorance. Continue reading

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Queer Wars: Episode VIII (Special Pride Edition)

by Heather McNamara

Scroll against a black background glittering with space stars.



It is outer space pride month and preparations for the rebel alliance pride parade are well underway. General Leia has gathered the rebel alliance fleet to decorate them in rainbows and make them look their best.

Unfortunately the Empire permit department led by General Hux, an ex-gay, is blocking the rebel alliance’s permit application for use of the really cool looking salt planet Crait which would totally complement their rainbow aesthetic.

Rey has flown to the outer reaches of the galaxy to meet Luke Skywalker. Once a great and powerful Jedi, Luke exiled himself so he could have an epic mantrum when he didn’t get his way with Kylo Ren. Nonetheless, he may hold the key to the knowledge Rey needs to wipe out homophobia and transphobia forever.

Meanwhile, General Leia has sent her most handsome gay male pilot in hopes that General Hux can be persuaded to change his mind. . . . Continue reading

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Revisiting “being trans is a mental disorder”: Map and territory in ICD-11

Zinnia JonesThe last time I addressed the faulty argument of “being trans is a mental disorder – it’s in the DSM” – a belief still held by more than 20% of Americans – I noted that such a labeling does not actually imply that gender dysphoria should be treated any differently than the current standard of care. The same organization responsible for placing gender dysphoria in the DSM has also gone to great pains to explain that gender affirmation and medical transition are known to be the most effective and successful treatments, and that its presence in the DSM is meant to facilitate access to this care rather than hinder it. Whether or not gender dysphoria is termed a “mental disorder” does nothing to alter the substantial body of research and clinical experience showing that the affirming approach produces the best known outcomes – a goal that is more important than whatever is being accomplished (stigma, exclusion, and invalidation) by ignorantly accusing trans people of being “mentally ill”. Continue reading

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