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“Why can’t you just be gay?” Why I, a trans lesbian, can’t just be a gay man

On an astonishingly frequent basis, trans people who come out are met with a peculiar reaction. Those who come out as trans women may be asked, even by well-meaning individuals, “Why can’t you just be a gay man?” And trans … Continue reading

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“Rapid onset gender dysphoria” study omits historical context of transgender narratives and medical gatekeeping

Previously: “Rapid onset gender dysphoria” study misunderstands trans depersonalization, ends up blaming Zinnia Jones Meet the unbiased, reliable, not-at-all-transphobic parents from the “rapid onset gender dysphoria” study The full “rapid onset gender dysphoria” study, published this month, goes into further … Continue reading

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Blaire White and Arielle Scarcella don’t want cis people to love trans women

A few months back, Blaire White and Arielle Scarcella had some thoughts to offer on the subject of cis people’s attractions to trans women:

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Your mileage may vary: Trans women and erectile function

One common question asked by trans women considering hormone therapy is how this may affect their ability to have penetrative sex. Antiandrogens and estrogen can impair erectile function, reducing spontaneous erections, responsiveness to sexual arousal, and nocturnal erections — an … Continue reading

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Entitled to Sex? Says Who?

by Penny Robo A spectacularly widespread claim is that of the aggressive trans woman demanding sex, lest the demandee be slapped with the label of “transphobic”. When radical feminists parade this narrative, it’s presented as evidence of an inherent and … Continue reading

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