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Missouri Supreme Court Makes Sense for Once

By Penny Robo In 2014, the family of RJ Appleberry filed a lawsuit claiming sex discrimination against Missouri’s Blue Springs School District. It went to the Court of Appeals after being dismissed by a circuit judge in Jackson County, and … Continue reading

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Helen Houghton is a Shitty Person(TM)

By Penny Robo In New Zealand, a petition aimed at removing “learning intentions for teaching gender diversity in the sexuality education guide” in schools has managed to gather more than 35,000 signatures to date. Introduced on January 29th by one … Continue reading

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Did California state prisons perform unethical medical experiments on transgender women in 1987?

Over the past few years, I’ve made a regular habit of seeking out and compiling nearly any published research that’s relevant to trans people and our well-being in society. Often I focus specifically on the medical side of the transgender … Continue reading

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Am I a Satanist? Are you? How Satanism is empowering the trans community

Am I, Zinnia Jones, a Satanist? Here’s some rather interesting commentary on this subject that I found while browsing Tumblr: I was somewhat surprised to discover Zinnia Jones is not really an atheist but has a satanist tattoo (why?) . … Continue reading

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Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling: When everything is a “sincere religious belief”

Last week’s Supreme Court ruling in favor of a homophobic Christian baker who refused to sell wedding cakes to same-sex couples is very disappointing, and not for the reasons you might think. This wasn’t a catastrophic blow against the LGBT … Continue reading

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