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Why do trans women and transfeminine people choose orchiectomy as a standalone surgery?

For trans women and transfeminine people, vaginoplasty – the surgical construction of a vulva and vagina from the penis and scrotum, along with grafts of other tissue as needed – is certainly the most well-known genital surgery undertaken as part … Continue reading

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The classic Utrecht Gender Dysphoria Scale gets a nonbinary-inclusive update

“Am I transgender?” This is a question that all trans people have faced at some point, or at many points, becoming the focus of self-reflection and personal exploration however brief or protracted. Among the community, this line of inquiry has … Continue reading

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Why gender-questioning youth continue or discontinue puberty blockers

Puberty-blocking medications for trans or gender-questioning adolescents, which reversibly halt the production of sex hormones and prevent the development of undesired secondary sex characteristics for as long as the medication is continued, have long been the subject of unnecessary controversy … Continue reading

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Gender-affirming chest reconstruction surgery is highly effective for nonbinary patients

Even in the context of transgender identities and gender-affirming care and medical treatments, gender norms and stereotypes received from a cissexist society can still be uncomfortably prevalent, and this is particularly visible in the hostility with which nonbinary people trans … Continue reading

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Gender identity as a multidimensional measure: the new Genderqueer Identity Scale

Clinical instruments evaluating patients for possible gender dysphoria have historically followed a relatively basic structure. Inventories like the Utrecht Gender Dysphoria Scale (UGDS) (Schneider et al., 2016) and Gender Identity/Gender Dysphoria Questionnaire for Adolescents and Adults (GIDYQ-AA) (Deogracias et al., … Continue reading

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