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Counterpoint: Ohio trans youth care ban veto was a victory for a gatekeeping surveillance state targeting trans adults

On Friday, December 29, Ohio governor Mike DeWine announced a ban on gender-affirming surgeries for transgender minors as well as new restrictions on clinics providing gender-affirming care to adults. But you wouldn’t know it from the headlines, most of which … Continue reading

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New trial exhibits in Doe v. Ladapo: DOH worked with Genspect leaders Stella O’Malley and Joe Burgo in July 2022; Hilary Cass met SEGM’s Patrick Hunter to discuss Florida’s anti-trans report; Jamie Reed’s attorney Vernadette Broyles chose the lineup of detransitioners speaking at the Board of Medicine

Doe v. Ladapo is the case brought by transgender plaintiffs in Florida challenging SB 254, a law prohibiting gender-affirming medical treatment for minors and severely restricting access to care for trans adults since its enactment on May 17, 2023. In … Continue reading

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The far-right law firm Alliance Defending Freedom offered a Florida anti-trans hate group $15,000 to “refute” the WPATH Standards of Care “for use in litigation”

A wider lens on the American College of Pediatricians. Recent subpoenas by Republican state governments against trans-supportive professional and medical organizations In 2022 and 2023, professional organizations endorsing gender-affirming care received extensive subpoenas from the states of Alabama and Florida … Continue reading

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Florida’s newest Boards of Medicine appointees wrote an anti-trans letter calling for gender “exploratory” therapy, citing a report of a trans teenager being involuntarily hospitalized for nearly two years

Previously: Gender Analysis calls for a hearing on the Florida Board of Medicine and Board of Osteopathic Medicine proposed trans youth care bans 64B8-9.019 and 64B15-14.014 F.A.C. Anti-trans group SEGM’s cofounder Stephen Beck is an executive at Bon Secours Mercy … Continue reading

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Closing arguments: Submit public comments before December 5 on the Florida Board of Medicine’s youth transition treatment ban

Here’s how to submit your comments on proposed Rule 64B8-9.019 (Florida Board of Medicine) and proposed Rule 64B15-14.014 (Florida Board of Osteopathic Medicine). Previously: Tracking organized anti-trans submissions to the Florida Board of Medicine October 28 meeting, which passed a … Continue reading

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