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Update on ovarian stimulation after testosterone use: Successful fertility preservation with less than a month’s interruption of HRT

Contrary to widespread misconceptions, medical transitioning does not necessarily produce sterility in trans people. Provided that a trans person hasn’t undergone gender-affirming surgeries that involve the removal of the ovaries or testes, even the use of cross-sex hormone therapy that … Continue reading

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New study on fertility treatment for trans men: Prior testosterone use does not affect ovarian stimulation outcomes

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice. There’s an abundance of misinformation among the public regarding cross-sex hormone therapy’s effects on fertility: many people seem to believe that taking HRT, even if later discontinued, … Continue reading

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Unsolved mystery: Trans women have significantly lower semen quality than cis men – before starting HRT

Sperm banking is the recommended method of fertility preservation for trans women prior to medical transition (Coleman et al., 2012), as cross-sex hormone therapy can impair fertility, and gonadectomy (removal of the testes during vaginoplasty or orchiectomy) results in permanent … Continue reading

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