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Large study of trans people in the Netherlands shows growing numbers seeking treatment, low regret rates

Medical transition by trans people, its prevalence and demographics, and rates of regret of treatment are perennial subjects of public curiosity and media controversy. With unfortunate frequency, this has taken the form of scaremongering that depicts the growing numbers of … Continue reading

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“Everyone feels that way”: Are gender dysphoric symptoms a near-universal experience in cisgender adolescents?

Previously: “Rapid onset gender dysphoria” study: An impossibly wide net of alternative etiologies “Everyone wonders about being the other gender.” “How many hours a day?” —brainsaysgirl Lisa Littman’s study on a proposed new condition called “rapid onset gender dysphoria” occurring … Continue reading

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Transgender health behaviors in the United States: How are we doing?

Much coverage of transgender health focuses on measures that are specific to us: How effectively is our gender dysphoria being treated in current medical practice? How well does this reduce our levels of depression, anxiety, and stress? What are the … Continue reading

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Do Lynn Conway’s transgender prevalence estimates hold up in 2018?

In 2001, pioneering trans woman and VLSI design innovator Lynn Conway posted an intriguing article arguing that the number of trans people in the population was far greater than was estimated at the time. Sources such as the DSM, citing … Continue reading

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“Rapid onset gender dysphoria” study: On “recent” changes in sex ratios

Previously: “Rapid onset gender dysphoria” study misunderstands trans depersonalization, ends up blaming Zinnia Jones Meet the unbiased, reliable, not-at-all-transphobic parents from the “rapid onset gender dysphoria” study Demographic changes in recent years toward a predominance of adolescent AFABs presenting for … Continue reading

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