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They need it to be true: Bad science as a shield against self-examination

by Penny Robo While many outlets and pundits trumpeted the same idea, it was perhaps the Wall Street Journal’s coverage of Littman’s ROGD “study” that encapsulated the ridiculousness of it all, of the concept that the backlash was a fight … Continue reading

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Trans developmental trajectories and selection bias in the “rapid onset gender dysphoria” paper

Lisa Littman’s “rapid onset gender dysphoria” makes use of a very peculiar argument to advance the notion that gender dysphoria appearing for the first time in adolescence is a novel and unstudied condition that requires the further explanation offered by … Continue reading

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Symptom clusters in chronic depersonalization

While the experience of living with depersonalization disorder symptoms can be difficult to describe, the peculiar and specific nature of these symptoms often makes it clear that these are distinct and real phenomena, and many sufferers identify closely with descriptions … Continue reading

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Depersonalization disorder: not just depression, not just anxiety

When I’ve previously spoken about my experiences with depersonalization disorder, a condition common in pre-transition trans people characterized by a sense of unreality of oneself or the world, I’ve sometimes received feedback from those who believe that the symptoms I’m … Continue reading

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Sex hormones and genetic differences in trans people

Research into possible genetic differences present in trans people has long been a mixed bag. Initial results finding an association between variants in genes relating to androgen and estrogen receptors have at times failed to replicate, and various other studies … Continue reading

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