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The Gender Analysis word of the year is: resentment

When I think about the concept of resentment, I primarily think about it in the context of relationships: causes for anger or offense that aren’t voiced aloud and handled productively, but left unaddressed, piling up into an accumulation that ruptures, … Continue reading

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2020’s hard lessons in public health pessimism

I was wrong. For the better part of a decade, my approach to communicating transgender medicine and science to the public has been premised on certain unexamined lay assumptions about what this wider audience struggles with and what they require … Continue reading

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Lesbocalypse Now: Elliot Page took nothing from you

“Where have all the lesbians gone?” This is the assertion recently made by a spate of anti-trans commentators in the wake of Elliot Page’s coming out as a nonbinary trans man: that the number of cisgender lesbians is diminishing, being … Continue reading

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Notes on my first two years at college as an adult learner

Previously: Zinnia goes to college, gets more knowledge (June 2019) Zinnia’s continued college adventures: summer 2019 (August 2019) I’ve been posting occasional updates on my experiences since starting college in January of 2019, and as I’ll have attended for two … Continue reading

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