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SHOWDOWN: Chuck Tingle vs. Laci Green

By Heather McNamara Did you SEE what happened on Twitter? If not then honestly I envy you. It’s a terrible place. We gather there to stress out about what the orange tyrant says, criticize hollywood for being sexist and racist, … Continue reading

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A Lesser Worn Path

By Penny Robo Realizing that you’re trans comes with the additional realization that the path your life is to take is not as well-worn as what most find themselves on. Fewer feet have tamped down the earth and tamed the … Continue reading

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Misgendering behaviors are associated with anti-trans attitudes, even in children

Attitudes toward transgender people, whether accepting or intolerant, are learned – and they may be acquired at a surprisingly young age. A study published this month on cisgender children’s perception of their transgender peers provides a closer look at how … Continue reading

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“Biology is not bigotry”: Why “biology” is often bigotry

“Biology is not bigotry” has, to the surprise of no one, become a frequent rallying cry of those who express bigotry against trans people – from conservative Christians to feminist-identified radicals, and those forging an anti-trans alliance between them. It’s … Continue reading

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Byng et al. (2018) present a distorted picture of transgender identity and affirming care

This month, Richard Byng, Susan Bewley, Damian Clifford, and Margaret McCartney published a response letter to the article “Trans health needs more and better services: increasing capacity, expertise, and integration” in BMJ (Byng et al., 2018). Their response offers a … Continue reading

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