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Migraine headaches, trans people, and hormone therapy

From age 3 or 4, which is as far back as I can remember, I experienced chronic, frequent migraine headaches, just as my mother and her father have had throughout their lives. These episodes of severe pain would often happen … Continue reading

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What the “rapid onset gender dysphoria” study missed: Timing of identity development and disclosure in LGBT youth

Previously: Meet the unbiased, reliable, not-at-all-transphobic parents from the “rapid onset gender dysphoria” study Since the publication of Lisa Littman’s paper on an alleged new condition called “rapid onset gender dysphoria” emerging among adolescents and young adults (Littman, 2018), many … Continue reading

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Gender Analysis in Slate: An interview on trans depersonalization and “rapid onset gender dysphoria”

Previously: “Rapid onset gender dysphoria” study misunderstands trans depersonalization, ends up blaming Zinnia Jones My letter to the Brown Daily Herald on “rapid onset gender dysphoria”, and Lisa Littman’s response I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Evan … Continue reading

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How the WSJ handles the inconvenient facts of “rapid onset gender dysphoria”

Previously: Rapid onset gender dysphoria study misunderstands trans depersonalization My letter to the Brown Daily Herald, and Lisa Littman’s response I was recently consulted on an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the dispute over Lisa Littman’s study of … Continue reading

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Body image in trans adolescents and adults before and after transition treatment

For trans people, the issue of body image can be complicated by the misconceptions of others. Those who don’t understand gender dysphoria – or don’t want to – may provide rather straightforward and obvious advice that they consider helpful, like … Continue reading

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