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Why the “youth transition as anti-gay conversion therapy” myth doesn’t add up

Previously: Fresh trans myths of 2017: “rapid onset gender dysphoria” When “desisters” aren’t: De-desistance in childhood and adolescent gender dysphoria Do all trans youth on puberty blockers go on to transition? An increasing share of anti-trans discourse is now occupied … Continue reading

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Dissecting denialism: How transphobia’s bad science turned a Washington hospital into a battleground

Previously: Counter-realities: The practice of denialism in transphobia This summer, Pullman Regional Hospital near the Washington-Idaho border became the site of a wholly unnecessary conflict over vaginoplasty for trans women. The Washington Post reported that after surgeon Geoff Stiller sought … Continue reading

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Depersonalization in transgender autobiographies: Jamison Green, Imogen Binnie, and more

Previously: Themes of depersonalization in transgender autobiographies: Jan Morris Depersonalization in transgender autobiographies: Christine Jorgensen (Depersonalization is a dissociative symptom experienced as sensations of feeling “unreal”, distant from one’s emotions, separated from the real world, and robotically going through the … Continue reading

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In our own words: Transgender experiences of depersonalization

Previously: Depersonalization in gender dysphoria: widespread and widely unrecognized “That was dysphoria?” 8 signs and symptoms of indirect gender dysphoria Introduction: Symptoms of depersonalization Depersonalization is a cluster of mental and emotional symptoms generally described as feelings of unreality, with … Continue reading

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When it’s not “just autism”: ASD does not rule out gender dysphoria

As both transgender identities and autism have received increasing attention in recent years, a growing number of misconceptions have proliferated about the relation between these phenomena. News outlets run stories with questionably phrased headlines such as “Are autistic children more … Continue reading

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