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Themes of depersonalization in transgender autobiographies: Jan Morris

Previously: Depersonalization in gender dysphoria: Widespread and widely unrecognized In our own words: Transgender experiences of depersonalization The nature and impact of depersonalization Depersonalization is a dissociative symptom that encompasses certain feelings and experiences of oneself or the world as … Continue reading

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Does the public need more time to learn about transgender people?

By 1933, so much knowledge about transgender people had already been accumulated at the library of Germany’s Institute for Sexual Science, the Nazi party chose to burn it all in front of a crowd of thousands. This happened 12 years before … Continue reading

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Book review: “Becoming Nicole” by Amy Ellis Nutt (Gender Analysis)

I’ve often been asked which books I would recommend for those who are interested in learning more about transgender topics. Usually, there aren’t many I can suggest – popular coverage of these issues often contains deficiencies that misinform readers about … Continue reading

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Alice Dreger, autogynephilia, and the misrepresentation of trans sexualities (Book review: Galileo’s Middle Finger)

Book review: Galileo’s Middle Finger, by Alice Dreger Table of contents Introduction 1. Background: Blanchard’s sexual typology of trans women 2. Dreger neglects relevant issues faced by trans women 3. Social and cultural factors do not account for the clinical … Continue reading

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Paul McHugh is wrong: transitioning is effective (Gender Analysis 10)

(Support Gender Analysis on Patreon!) Hi, welcome to Gender Analysis. Every so often, a particular bit of folklore pops up in the media: the claim that transitioning doesn’t actually help to improve transgender people’s health and well-being. News outlets like … Continue reading

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