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Conformity as Identity or Survival?

By Penny Robo How do you win a fight over the validity of your womanhood when wearing a skirt means you’re playing dress-up but wearing pants means you’re not trying? How can you be accepted by someone who tells you … Continue reading

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Dr. Michael Laidlaw et al. publish anti-trans letter with more errors than paragraphs (part 4)

Previously in Part 1: Endocrine aspects, cardiovascular risk, and sexual functioning. Previously in Part 2: Desistance, persistence, and “objective tests” for gender dysphoria. Previously in Part 3: Medical ethics, fertility preservation, and ovarian pathology.   Dhejne et al. (2011) and … Continue reading

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20 Years of Jacking In

By Penny Robo Today, the 31st day of March, 2019, marks exactly 20 years since The Matrix hit theater screens and finally gave Keanu Reeves a new recognizable character to be identified with next to Ted “Theodore” Logan. No, “that … Continue reading

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