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Special considerations for breast augmentation in trans women

Note: This post contains illustrations of breast anatomy. Among trans women and transfeminine people, breast augmentation surgery is both frequently sought after and frequently received compared to the population of cis women. According to the 2015 U.S. Trans Survey, 8% … Continue reading

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No, not all trans people “always knew” since childhood

Previously: Timing of identity development and disclosure in LGBT youth (September 2018) New study on trans women’s developmental milestones: Self-awareness precedes disclosure by several years (August 2019) Trans people’s awareness of their gender long precedes disclosure to others (September 2019) … Continue reading

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Trans men and transmasculine people on testosterone can grow prostate tissue

The general public’s knowledge of the nature of the physical changes induced by medical transition can be surprisingly spotty: trans women’s breasts are often wrongly assumed to be implants; our long-healed neovaginas are cruelly mischaracterized as “open wounds”; HRT is … Continue reading

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Open questions: Trans men and transmasculine people can experience abdominal and pelvic pain after starting testosterone

Collaboration between the transgender community and health researchers plays an essential role in ensuring that our population’s knowledge and interests are acknowledged and represented in medicine. When researchers neglect to reach out and utilize the community’s collected experiences and shared … Continue reading

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