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Just out: Study of trans adolescents confirms puberty blockers and HRT are associated with improved mental health

Previously: Four recent studies confirm benefits of medical transition for trans adolescents (May 2020) The use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormone therapy for trans adolescents is not a new or recent development, and this protocol has been in use … Continue reading

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Beckman Coulter Access Sensitive Estradiol test, subject of FDA adverse event reports, may give falsely low readings for trans women on oral HRT

Previously: Put it under your tongue? Typical hormone levels for trans women on HRT, and differing effects of oral and parenteral estradiol (January 2021) HRT for trans women and transfeminine people is intended to lower testosterone levels and raise estrogen … Continue reading

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Contra social contagion: Why online community among trans people saves our lives and terrifies our enemies

“Trans vlogs made me feel like I wasn’t a problem.” “It just makes me feel that it’s okay to be this way.” The “rapid onset gender dysphoria” hoax proposes that large numbers of apparently trans adolescents are actually misguided cis … Continue reading

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