Integrating breast cancer screening with transmasculine chest reconstruction surgery

Zinnia JonesBreast cancer can occur in both cis women and cis men, and breast health is equally crucial for trans women, who will experience growth of breast tissue during feminizing hormone therapy, and trans men. Biannual mammograms are recommended for trans women on HRT from age 50 onward, and trans women should be aware of their BRCA1/2 status and how this risk factor may come to bear on their hormonal regimen.

Van Renterghem et al. (2018) have recently identified an additional opportunity for breast cancer screening in trans men. Continue reading

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Helen Houghton is a Shitty Person(TM)

By Penny Robo

Penny RoboIn New Zealand, a petition aimed at removing “learning intentions for teaching gender diversity in the sexuality education guide” in schools has managed to gather more than 35,000 signatures to date. Introduced on January 29th by one Helen Houghton (who has thus far not responded to comment requests from multiple news agencies) the petition may well have zero effect as it has no official backing as of now.

But the stated reasoning behind the petition is telling about the source of their annoyance. Not as a improper allocation of limited schooling time, or rejecting it as being incompatible with their personal or spiritual beliefs (and likely the beliefs many of those affected) and thus framing the petition as an attempt to right a wrong, no. They decided to play it straight, play it cool… and completely shoot themselves in the foot. Let’s check this thing out: Continue reading

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James Caspian and “fifty trans people” who regret transitioning

Zinnia JonesJames Caspian: who is this character? A couple weeks ago, an article came across my feed from the UK’s Sunday Times, headlined: “Fifty trans people tell therapist of regrets”. Caspian is that therapist, a British hypno-psychotherapist with a Hotmail address and a homepage that’s been grabbed by domain squatters. According to the article, Caspian believes “rising numbers presenting with gender dysphoria have been too readily labelled as trans”, and he “has been approached by 50 people who want to reverse their transition”, most of whom are reportedly in their early twenties and typically experienced regret two to five years after medically transitioning. The Times states that he was “refused permission to research detransitioning at Bath Spa University”, while the university says “his research proposal was not refused because of the subject matter, but because of his proposed methodological approach.”

There are two areas of problems here: bad journalism and questionable science. Continue reading

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How did Lisa Littman choose my “That was dysphoria” article for inclusion in her rapid onset gender dysphoria study?

Zinnia JonesFinding out that my 2013 article “‘That was dysphoria?’ 8 signs and symptoms of indirect gender dysphoria” was cited in Lisa Littman’s “rapid onset gender dysphoria” study came as a surprise to me last year – not only because I didn’t expect to become personally implicated in what is by all appearances a pseudodiagnosis and a hoax, but because someone working as a doctor, assistant professor of social and behavioral science, and researcher in the area of gender dysphoria somehow still failed to recognize depersonalization disorder as a distinct syndrome (and one which occurs at elevated rates in untreated gender dysphoria) rather than “vague and nonspecific symptoms called signs of GD” as she described it. Such an oversight of an entire psychiatric condition is nothing short of glaring, and Littman herself later backed away somewhat from her characterization of my work on depersonalization as being about only “vague” symptoms.

But maybe I shouldn’t have been so surprised. It turns out that this same misrepresentation and ignorance of depersonalization in gender dysphoria had a history in the communities associated with Littman’s study and the “ROGD” hoax – including several specific references to my 2013 article. Continue reading

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Ongoing media misrepresentation of early-onset and late-onset gender dysphoria

Alongside the common misconception that children lack the capacity to understand or recognize that their gender doesn’t align with their assigned sex, there now proliferates the notion that only those trans people who were aware of their gender identity as young children are the ones who are “truly” trans. I’ve previously noted this error in my dissection of Debra Soh’s credulous and incompetent reporting for Quillette on the “rapid onset gender dysphoria” hoax condition. While Soh claimed that the youth in the ROGD study “don’t meet any of the diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria” (as observed only via secondhand parental reports submitted anonymously online), the study in fact stated that none of these youth “would have met diagnostic criteria for gender dysphoria in childhood”, but that more than 80% of them did meet the diagnostic criteria for adolescent and adult gender dysphoria.

This month, Federalist writer Abigail Shrier repeated the same error in an uncritical regurgitation of ROGD myths for the Wall Street Journal’s opinion page. (This is not the WSJ’s first fumble in covering the “rapid onset gender dysphoria” hoax.) Shrier writes: Continue reading

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