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New study quantifies trans women’s changes in sexual response on HRT

Trans people’s firsthand experiences of sexuality and its changes throughout transition have typically received less attention in scientific literature than topics such as our experiences of intimate partner violence and our sexual behavior in the context of HIV/STI risk. The … Continue reading

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Four recent studies confirm benefits of medical transition for trans adolescents

Puberty-blocking medications are used in gender-dysphoric adolescents as a means of temporarily and reversibly inhibiting an undesired natal puberty. In the event that their dysphoria desists, the medication can be discontinued, and their natal puberty will resume; if their dysphoria … Continue reading

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Why do trans women and transfeminine people choose orchiectomy as a standalone surgery?

For trans women and transfeminine people, vaginoplasty – the surgical construction of a vulva and vagina from the penis and scrotum, along with grafts of other tissue as needed – is certainly the most well-known genital surgery undertaken as part … Continue reading

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Update on ovarian stimulation after testosterone use: Successful fertility preservation with less than a month’s interruption of HRT

Contrary to widespread misconceptions, medical transitioning does not necessarily produce sterility in trans people. Provided that a trans person hasn’t undergone gender-affirming surgeries that involve the removal of the ovaries or testes, even the use of cross-sex hormone therapy that … Continue reading

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Why gender-questioning youth continue or discontinue puberty blockers

Puberty-blocking medications for trans or gender-questioning adolescents, which reversibly halt the production of sex hormones and prevent the development of undesired secondary sex characteristics for as long as the medication is continued, have long been the subject of unnecessary controversy … Continue reading

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