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We the Mudbloods: J. K. Rowling and the Trans-Exterminationists (Book 3)

Previously: J. K. Rowling and the Trans-Exterminationists, Book 2 Rowling goes on to cite her own experience with domestic violence and sexual assault as representative of “huge numbers of women” who supposedly share her views: I’ve been in the public … Continue reading

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Burger allegedly containing “44mg of estrogen” is too good to be true

In 2016, Brough et al. published the results of several studies examining a particular interaction between environmentally friendly behaviors and self-perception of one’s masculinity or femininity. Previous findings consistently reported that men are less likely than women to make eco-friendly … Continue reading

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The science of sellouts: Why are LGBT conservatives like that?

There’s a certain combination of personal and political identity that proves perpetually puzzling: queer and trans people who support conservative parties which broadly oppose and work against the rights and equality of queer and trans people. What motivates someone whose … Continue reading

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Even more data confirms: Trans people’s awareness of their gender long precedes disclosure to others

Last month, I looked at the findings of Restar et al. (2019) in Transgender Health, which examined the developmental trajectories and milestones of trans women aged 16 to 29 and found that their own awareness of their identity as women … Continue reading

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Transphobic and homophobic attitudes are so highly correlated they might be the same thing

Within the baseless anti-trans claim that gender-affirming care for trans youth constitutes a form of anti-gay “conversion therapy” applied to these children, one key component is the assertion that their parents would prefer to have a child who isn’t attracted … Continue reading

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