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Another look at androgen receptor gene variants in trans women

Gender identity, including in trans people, appears to have a physical basis and a biological underpinning, and the Endocrine Society has stated that numerous features suggest trans people’s genders are a matter of likely prenatal development: Such evidence stems from … Continue reading

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Should the “gold standard” of randomized controlled trials really be the standard for transition treatment?

The standards we choose to set for the kinds of evidence that we consider valid and acceptable for a given purpose are something that can be wielded selectively or in bad faith for motivated purposes. Such maneuvers are sometimes attempted … Continue reading

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Even more data confirms: Trans people’s awareness of their gender long precedes disclosure to others

Last month, I looked at the findings of Restar et al. (2019) in Transgender Health, which examined the developmental trajectories and milestones of trans women aged 16 to 29 and found that their own awareness of their identity as women … Continue reading

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Transphobic and homophobic attitudes are so highly correlated they might be the same thing

Within the baseless anti-trans claim that gender-affirming care for trans youth constitutes a form of anti-gay “conversion therapy” applied to these children, one key component is the assertion that their parents would prefer to have a child who isn’t attracted … Continue reading

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What is transphobia made of? Perception of deception predicts transphobic prejudice

To the frustration of trans people, allies, and other generally reasonable individuals, transphobic attitudes continue to exist and inflict harm on innocent people. We know all too well that far too many people are transphobic – but why? What motivates … Continue reading

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