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WHO Reclassifies Trans People: From Mental Disorder to Sexual Health

By Penny Robo When it comes to medical care, trans people have long been trapped between a rock and a hard place: the same mental health classifications that have been used to stigmatize us has also been our point of … Continue reading

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Colorado Signs Pro-Trans Bills Into Law

By Penny Robo Two pieces of LGBT-friendly legislation were introduced in Colorado. Today, Governor Jared Polis signed them into law. The first is a ban on conversion therapy: HB19-1129 prevents health care providers from forcing the awful, abusive practice on … Continue reading

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Yes, the shirt is real

By Penny Robo The Trump Administration has gone full bore on anti-LGBT initiatives, and trans people are feeling the bulk of it. Beyond the recent installation of a new version of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” that specifically targets trans members … Continue reading

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Gender Analysis in Slate: An interview on trans depersonalization and “rapid onset gender dysphoria”

Previously: “Rapid onset gender dysphoria” study misunderstands trans depersonalization, ends up blaming Zinnia Jones My letter to the Brown Daily Herald on “rapid onset gender dysphoria”, and Lisa Littman’s response I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Evan … Continue reading

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SHOWDOWN: Chuck Tingle vs. Laci Green

By Heather McNamara Did you SEE what happened on Twitter? If not then honestly I envy you. It’s a terrible place. We gather there to stress out about what the orange tyrant says, criticize hollywood for being sexist and racist, … Continue reading

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