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Florida Department of Health Guidance Against Transgender Youth Healthcare Contains False Statements and Misrepresentations and Should Not Be Used by Anyone (part 1)

FLDOH guidance against social transition, puberty blockers, or HRT for minors is not supported by cited documents from CMS, Sweden, Finland, England, or France On April 20, 2022, the Florida Department of Health published three nonbinding documents containing sweeping and … Continue reading

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We the Mudbloods: J. K. Rowling and the Trans-Exterminationists (Book 3)

Previously: J. K. Rowling and the Trans-Exterminationists, Book 2 Rowling goes on to cite her own experience with domestic violence and sexual assault as representative of “huge numbers of women” who supposedly share her views: I’ve been in the public … Continue reading

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The science of sellouts: Why are LGBT conservatives like that?

There’s a certain combination of personal and political identity that proves perpetually puzzling: queer and trans people who support conservative parties which broadly oppose and work against the rights and equality of queer and trans people. What motivates someone whose … Continue reading

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Minnesota Mom is Just… Terrible. Really Awful.

By Penny Robo Already self-sufficient for years due to parents dealing with substance abuse issues, 13 year old “EJK” came out to her parents as gay, triggering a wave of verbal and physical abuse. Her mother permitted her to live … Continue reading

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North Carolina takes another step in walking back their “bathroom bill”

By Penny Robo North Carolina no longer requiring trans people to amend birth certificates to use public restrooms matching identity. 2016’s HB2 , North Carolina’s infamous “bathroom bill,” was far from a success. A mass (and very public) exodus of … Continue reading

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